NG Amazing Reactions Chemistry Set

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This science kit has 10 awesome experiments, teaching kids about the science of chemical reactions with unforgettable activities. They will make glow-in-the-dark worms, create fizzing reactions, change the color of water, and more

A SCIENCE KIT THAT INSPIRES - There is an awesome variety of chemistry experiments in this kit! You will have hours of fun exploring the incredible reactions and mesmerizing polymers

A TOTAL OF 20 EXPERIMENTS: This kit gets you started with 10 amazing experiments exploring a variety of different chemical reactions and keeps the fun going with a bonus guide that contains 10 additional experiments using common household items

EASY-TO-FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS - The experiment guide in this kit has kid-friendly instructions with illustrations for each step, and fascinating insight into the chemical reactions happening in each experiment

HANDS-ON STEM - You will learn the scientific process, some important fundamentals of chemistry, as well as how to effectively conduct experiments. This science kit serves as an important stepping-stone in STEM success

There are also safety glasses, gloves, and an easy-clean experiment tray included.

Ages 8 and up. Other National Geographic kits also available.

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