Natural Histories: Extraordinary Rare Book Selections

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€œThis gem of a book is one of the best in its class. € €“ Publishers Weekly

For the first time, Natural Histories allows readers a privileged glimpse of seldom-seen, fully illustrated scientific tomes from the American Museum of Natural History's Rare Book Collection. Forty essays from the museum's top experts in a variety of natural science disciplines, from anthropology to zoology, accompany and discuss each rare work's unique qualities and scientific contribution.

Packaged with 40 extraordinary prints suitable for framing and facsimile items inside bound-in envelopes, this deluxe edition will fascinate both natural science and art lovers alike.

Author: Tom Baione
Hardcover: 176 pages, 40 prints
Publisher: Sterling Signature  

About the Author
Tom Baione is the Harold Boeschenstein Director of Library Services in the American Museum of Natural History's Library and oversees all aspects of the library's functions.

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