Moon 100 Piece Floor Puzzle

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Deluxe, oversized Moon  circular floor puzzle: Take a giant leap into lunar exploration with this 100-piece puzzle honoring the 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin's Apollo 11 moon landing. The  puzzle features a photograph of the moon from NASA's archives and will dazzle stargazers and space aficionados of all ages. Completed puzzle measures 2.5 feet in diameter. Great for ages 6 and up. Makes a great gift.

Meteorites and asteroids have bombarded the Moon for billions of years, leaving deep craters on its surface. Without the forces of weather to remove them, the craters act as a record of all of these impacts. Many of its craters and mountains can be seen with the naked eye! In fact, some people think that these features resemble a man's face.  


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