Illumisaurus Book With Magic Lens

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Journey back in time to the  Triassic, Jurassic  and  Cretaceous  periods with  Illumisaurus, coming face-to-face with prehistory €™s most spectacular  dinosaurs,  plants  and  animals.  Bring this lost world to kaleidoscopic life with your  magic three-color viewing lens  (included).
With your lens in hand, discover  amazing places  and the  creatures  that roamed them many millions of years ago.

  • Your  green  lens reveals a  location, spanning  9  ancient land masses  across millions of years. Learn how these places transformed over time to become the habitats of the most spectacular life on Earth.
  • Your  red  lens brings to life the mightiest beasts ever to walk the planet: the  dinosaurs. Meet a  T. rex  up close, run with packs of  velociraptors  and marvel at the gigantic  brachiosaurus  as you discover how these animals came to rule the Earth.
  • Your  blue  lens uncovers the  wildlife  that lived alongside and after the dinosaurs, including monstrous  dragonflies,  woolly mammoths  and  fungi  taller than trees.
  • Fact pages  fill in the details and guide you through  a world bursting with life  and color.

How many dinosaurs will you find on your prehistoric journey?

€‹Author: Carnovsky, written by Lucy Brownridge
Publisher: Wide Eyed Editions
Publishing Date: Oct, 2020
Hardcover: 64 pages
Age: 5 to 8 years


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