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Youth Glow-In-The-Dark Dino Excavation T-Shirt

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Youth Glow-In-The-Dark Dino Excavation T-shirt. Kids will 'dig' this t-shirt featuring dinosaur bones and archaeological tools. Preshrunk heather gray cotton  blend. Machine washable. Museum 150th anniversary logo on front.  Size XS to XL.

Fossils of bones and teeth aren't the only clues we have about dinosaurs. Paleontologists also look at dinosaur footprints (called "trackways") to understand how dinosaurs lived. Raised tracks are called "negatives." They are not the direct imprint of the animal's foot, but the sediment that filled the footprint. They are exposed when geological forces overturn and then fracture the rock. To visualize the process, imagine what happens when a baker turns a cake out of a pan. In that case, you see the bottom of a cake. With negatives, you see the bottom of the dinosaur's foot.