Yellow Kanken Mini Backpack

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The mini version of the Fjallraven Kanken backpack is suitable for both small children and adults looking for a small backpack. It is perfect for carrying a change of clothes for kindergarten or food on a trip and as a smart size for books, water bottles, fruit, and more. The straps are long and adjustable and fit both small and large backs. They can be fastened with a buckle.The material is made of durable and lightweight vinylon fabric, which can withstand dirt and moisture. The main compartment has a large zippered opening, making it easy to pack and unpack. There are two flat side pockets and a zip pocket on the front. A foam cushion is stored in the back inner pocket which prevents the contents of the main compartment from pressing against your back. There are handles at the top and thin, adjustable straps. The logo on the front is reflective. In case your bag is lost there is an address label inside the main compartment.

Measurements are 8 x 11 inches. Surface washable. Sustainable, durable vinylon fabric.

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