This Book Thinks You're A Scientist

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This Book Thinks You €™re a Scientist, developed by the Science Museum, London, as a complement to their interactive gallery for children, explores seven key scientific areas: force and motion, electricity and magnetism, earth and space, light, matter, sound, and mathematics. Each spread centers on an open-ended question or activity, with space on the page for the child to write, draw, or interact with the book. Bend water with static power. Pack a suitcase for a trip to space. Design a new musical instrument. At the end of the book, there is a section for children to record their own guided independent investigations, including surveys and space to log the results of their experiments.

Hand-drawn illustrations and collage-style photographs encourage creativity and help children to think like a scientist by noticing details, questioning everything, and dreaming up new ideas.

Publisher: Thames & Hudson
Publishing Date: Sept, 2016
Softcover: 96 pages
Age: 9 - 12 years