There's A Dinosaur On The 13th Floor

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Will Mr. Snore ever get some shut-eye at the busy Sharemore Hotel? The room on the first floor is too noisy. The room on the second floor is too crowded. The room on the third floor is too damp. Everywhere Mr. Snore goes, with a dutiful bellhop leading the way, he encounters something that €™s bound to keep him awake.

Why is it so hard to find some peace and quiet? Perhaps Mr. Snore will have better luck on the thirteenth floor. . . . From author and playwright Wade Bradford and award-winning illustrator Kevin Hawkes comes a laugh-out-loud tale that plays with expectations and revelations - and reveals a surprisingly thought-provoking final twist.

Author: Wade Bradford
Publisher: Candlewick
Publishing Date: October, 2018
Hardcover: 40 pages
Age: 2 to 8 years


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