The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Expert Advice for Extreme Situations

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The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Expert Advice for Extreme Situations.

With expert, illustrated step by step instructions for life's sudden turns for the worst:  Danger! It lurks at every corner. Quicksand. Sharks. Cyberbullies. Super Flu. From wrestling an alligator to evading drones to landing a plane if the pilot passes out,  The Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook  is here to help. Needed now more than ever, this revised and expanded edition delivers frightening and funny real advice readers need to know fast.

  • With crucial information added from across the Worst Case series and 20 all new scenarios for twenty first century threats (extreme weather, "fake news," dropping a cell phone in the toilet).

Fans of the  Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook  series will need to have the updated 20th  anniversary edition to always be adequately prepared for dire situations in this crazy world.

Action packed hardcover handbook brings emergency instruction for anxious times.

  • Expert €“ and humorous €“ advice for extreme situations including great escapes and entrances (how to escape from a sinking car), tooth and claw (how to escape from killer bees), technical trouble (how to survive an out of control autonomous car), and adventure survival (how to survive an avalanche).
  • Makes a great gift and reference guide for those who like to be prepared for whatever might happen

Hardcover: 328 pages


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