The Secret Explorers and the Rainforest Rangers

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Meet the Secret Explorers - a band of brainiac kids from all around the world. Everyone in this diverse group of young experts has a specialty, from outer space to dinosaurs, and each story follows a character who gets chosen for a €œsecret exploration €.  

This edge-of-your-seat science book for kids is packed with:

      €¢  Fun facts and illustrations about animals and plants found in the rainforest of Borneo
      €¢  Simple and engaging explanations on how deforestation is altering our planet's biodiversity
      €¢  Quizzes, mission notes, and a glossary of words with definitions
      €¢  Information that supports STEM-based curriculums

Kids to the rescue!

In this fact-stuffed children €™s science book, we follow rainforest expert Ollie on an exciting mission to rescue a lost baby orangutan in the steamy rainforest of Borneo. Accompanied by engineering expert Kiki, they set out in a glider to search for the friendly ape.

Along the way, they encounter greedy plantation owners who are plotting to destroy the forest to expand a palm oil plantation! They also learn about the threat that endangered animals and plants face due to deforestation. Kids will love turning the pages to find out if the Secret Explorers manage to succeed in their mission!

It €™s the perfect gift for children aged 7-9 who love all things rainforest. Packed with lots of information on animal and plant life, this epic adventure book gives them a thrilling introduction to nature.  

Publisher: DK
Publishing Date: April, 2021
Paperback: 128 pages


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