The Everyday Space Traveler

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Jason Klassi; Foreword by Buzz Aldrin

The Everyday Space Traveler is the first book that brings space travel down to Earth and makes these profound insights available to us all. Like the astronauts, you too can discover timeless secrets of the universe that have taken earthbound humans millennia to understand. Whether you personally travel to space or not, embracing these powerful insights can move you beyond merely surviving to truly thriving. With so many people wanting to travel in space, space tourism is a real and burgeoning industry. Passenger spaceships are being built right now by such visionary entrepreneurs as Virgin Airlines' Richard Branson and Amazon's Jeff Bezos. More and more people are booking a coveted seat for the chance to infuse some cosmic sense into their everyday lives. Experience the cosmos now using this book as your private spaceship. Strap in, take off, and open yourself to an epic journey that will leave you empowered, inspired, and forever transformed.


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