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AP92 (2010) The Clements Site: A Late 17th- to Early 18th-Century Nasoni Caddo Settlement and Cemetery

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The Clements site (41CS25) is a late 17th- to early 18th-century Nasoni Caddo settlement and cemetery on Black Bayou in the northeastern Texas Pineywoods. The site was found and excavated in about 1898 by a local landowner, who sold the collection to the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) in 1900. This long-forgotten collection was brought to the attention of the Caddo Nation of Oklahoma as part of consultation between the Caddo and the AMNH through a Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act grant, and then studied in detail in 2004 by the Caddo and Archeological & Environmental Consultants, LLC. This report, the product of collaboration between the Caddo Nation, professional archaeologists who work with the Caddo, the AMNH, and the National Park Service, discusses the character and archaeological significance of the diverse funerary objects placed with the dead in this Nasoni Caddo cemetery. AP92 (2010) 52pp. Timothy K. Perttula, Bo Nelson, Robert L. Cast, and Bobby Gonzalez: The Clements Site (41CS25): a late 17th- to early 18th-century Nasoni Caddo settlement and cemetery. Anthropapers listed on this page may be ordered directly through this site; many earlier anthropapers are also available for sale. Contact us at with inquiries about the availability of earlier anthropapers than those listed here.