Round Tarantula Paperweight

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If you love tarantulas, this paperweight is perfect to guard your paperwork. Tarantulas (family Theraphosidae, order Aranedae) are also called bird-eating spiders. These large, hairy spiders are usually pale brown to black, with markings in shapes of pink, red, brown, or black. The fangs bite vertically, not horizontally. They have eight small eyes, grouped together at the front of the carapace. Most Tarantulas hunt on the ground by night for arthropods and small vertebrates such as frogs and mice. They use their large chelicerae to crush their prey, pour digestive juices over the body, and then suck up the resulting liquid. Some species live in trees, whereas others make burrows in the ground. Females lay a batch of eggs in the burrow. An egg sac can be the size of a golf ball and contain 1,000 eggs. The spiderlings stay in the burrow until their first moult, after which they disperse to find food and to make their own burrows. They can be found worldwide, especially in subtropical and tropical areas, in deserts, forests, and a variety of open habitats. Many Tarantulas live for 10-30 years and are kept as pets. Because many are so large (body length: 3-12 cm), it is widely assumed that their bites are fatal. Some have potent venom but many do not, and relying on size to subdue prey.


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