Stingers: A Sharks Inc. Novel

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Marine biologist Doc Ford invites Maribel, Luke, and Sabina to a remote island in the Bahamas where lionfish, a beautiful and venomous inhabitant of the South Pacific that has invaded Florida and the Caribbean, are not just upsetting the balance of nature by damaging the coral reefs €”their sting has put several people in the hospital.

What Doc and Captain Hannah Smith don €™t mention is that the island is riddled with limestone caves, once home to a band of pirates, and stories of Spanish gold have lured outlaw treasure hunters to the area.

When the trio finds precious artifacts, they agree to guard the secret until they €™ve thoroughly explored the spot. Soon, outlaws search for the trio, hoping they will lead them to riches.

Author: Randy Wayne White
Publisher: Roaring Brook Press
Publishing Date: May, 2021
Hardcover: 314 pages
Ages: 8 to 12

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