Science of Good Cooking

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"This revolutionary book brings science to the stove. In The Science of Good Cooking, the editors of America €™s Test Kitchen distill the past two decades of Cook €™s Illustrated test kitchen work into 50 basic cooking concepts that every home cook should know.

In addition to explaining how food science works, The Science of Good Cooking brings you into the test kitchen with 50 unique (and fun) experiments engineered to illustrate the science at work. The experiments demonstrate why adding fat to your eggs will make the perfect tender omelet, why grinding your own meat will make the ultimate burger, and why you should have patience before carving your roast. And because no concept is complete without recipes, The Science of Good Cooking includes more than 400 classic Cook €™s Illustrated recipes that take the science to the stove, putting the principles to work. (Hardcover, 504 pages)"


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