Race to The End: Amundsen, Scott, and the Attainment of the South Pole

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In connection with the world-famous American Museum of Natural History: the gripping true story of the race to the South Pole.

A beautifully told, impeccably researched, and stunningly illustrated account of the arduous quest to reach the last place on earth--for scientific knowledge, king and country, and the rewards that come with recognition. A century ago, England's Robert Falcon Scott and Norway's Roald Amundsen -- two explorers with vastly different visions -- set out separately for the South Pole. The race between these "ideal antagonists"  resulted in grand heroism, bitter tragedy, and the birth and perpetuation of myths that have lingered for generations.

Race to the End takes readers along on each team's trek to Antarctica, and farther to the South Pole -- a journey through Earth's harshest, most unforgiving terrain. MacPhee's piercing insight and keen storytelling illuminates not only the natural, biological, and scientific detail, but also the human and emotional motivation. He helps answer the philosophical question asked of every person who undertakes a dangerous and epic exploration: why did he do it?

These highly illustrated pages feature diary entries; letters from members of the exploration; drawings, paintings, and photographs of the landscape, living quarters, equipment, and methods of transport; as well as never-before-published images of the last items discovered with Scott and his four mates who perished upon their return from the pole mere miles from the warmth and safety of their base camp.

Author: Ross MacPhee
Hardcover: 286 pages
Publisher: Sterling Innovation 2010

About the author: Ross MacPhee is former chairman of the Department of Mammalogy at the American Museum of Natural History, where he has been a Curator since 1988.


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