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Plush Black-Tipped Shark

$18.00 Member Price

Pretend to swim with the fishes with this ferocious yet loveable plush black tipped shark. This fun sea creature can guide you through the deep blue sea showing you an ocean world like you've never seen before. Black tipped sharks might look kind of scary, but not this plush version. It looks just like the real black tipped shark, but this stuffed toy is filled with lots of love, joy, and happiness, enough to last a lifetime. Measures approximately 22 inches long. Eco-friendly plush shark is filled with fiber made from 100% recycled water bottles. Safe for 1 month and up.

A real black tipped shark is built to swim fast with its robust and streamlined body. It also has a long-pointed nose and small eyes. What makes the black tipped shark unique is its five long gills. Cuddlekins plushiest have a very detailed design allowing them to look as lifelike as possible, making it a very realistic stuffed animal.