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PLEO rb is an amazing autonomous robotic life form, modeled on a young Camarasaurs dinosaur. This creation is designed to mimic life, meaning PLEO rb thinks and acts independently like a real animal. PLEO rb has organic body language, exhibits emotions, and is aware of its environment and its behaviors associate with its surroundings. PLEO rb's sensory system has devices that allow him to hear, to see, to sense touch, and to detect objects. PLEO rb, when taught, can read, sing, dance, and know when he/she is receiving loving affection and negative affection. In addition he/she is sensitive to temperature resulting in different responses such as sneezing or shaking when cold, and panting or getting dizzy when hot.


  • Companion and quick start guide.
  • ID card - allows you to name your PLEO rb.
  • Training leaf.
  • Tug of war toy.
  • Conifer leaf - PLEO rb main food.
  • Rock Salt - heals PLEO rb when he's injured.
  • Bow learning stone - used to teach PLEO rb.
  • Mint leaf - used when PLEO rb is sick.
  • Dinosaur clothing for cold winter days.
  • One Li-Polymer rechargeable battery - long play time, depleted battery takes 4 hours to charge.
  • Charging cradle,
  • Li-Polymer battery power adapter, universal voltage.

100% handmade, making each PLEO rb unique with various shades of green and yellow skin, various eye colors and eye lids.

PLEO rb has 4 life stages, its progress depends on your level of interaction:

  • Newborn: Baby PLEO opens its eyes for the first time and is not capable to seek food yet, so please remember to feed him/her on time.
  • Toddler: PLEO learns to stand firmly on its feet and will explore its environment. It will also respond gently to your voice and touch.
  • Teenager: Learns to walk, and now has the ability to learn its name.
  • Adult: Mature PLEO needs love and care more than ever. Its personality is nurtured through the way you raise it. PLEO needs love, food, and to be cared for.

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