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Planisphere and Starfinder

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Starfinder with removable planisphere! Starfinder lays out the universe clearly, highlighting the signposts in the sky and explaining the cosmology of the stars. Discover the wonders of the night sky with up-to-date information about the universe, including monthly charts to both the northern and southern hemisphere, and a section on observing the Moon, planets, and other bodies of the solar system. 

Authors: Carole Stott, Giles Sparrow
Hardcover: 128 pages
Publisher: DK
Publishing Date: October, 2013

Dominating the Rose Center for Earth and Space at the American Museum of Natural History is the Hayden Sphere, which features the world's largest virtual reality simulator. Weighing four million pounds and measuring 87 feet in diameter, the Hayden Sphere houses the Space Theater in its upper half and the Big Bang Theater in its lower hemisphere. The 429-seat Space Theater displays a hyperrealistic view of the planets, star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies in an exhilarating journey from Earth to the edge of the observable universe.