Aspen Wood Vase, 6''-8''

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Don Noble, creator of Original Aspen Studio, has been creating Eco-friendly art since the 1990's. Throughout the years, Don has integrated his ideas of art and environment into creating original pieces available to fellow nature lovers.

Among these works of art are original aspen vases and aspen candle holders. Each piece is made from standing dead aspen trees. As each is a unique handcrafted piece, all aspen wood vases and candles will vary slightly in size and style.

Don has learned to bring out the natural beauty of each tree from many years of working with the magnificence of the aspen's rich grains, burls, textured swirls & color variations. Don's company is also dedicated to preserving our natural forests by clearing only dead standing aspen, which is a wild fire hazard. This also clears the ground for new growth, which is the future of our wilderness. This is very important to the artists, as they all are true Colorado natives. All of these products are proudly made in the United States of America.


Apparel Size 18 - 26

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