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Origami Animal Sculpture: Paper Folding Inspired by Nature

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Origami Animal Sculpture offers a refreshing take on the endlessly fascinating field of animal origami paper folding. In this book, folders will find beautiful photos, clear directions and an instructional DVD that make the creatures in this new collection a joy to fold and display. Author John Szinger has put together 22 expressive lifelike 3D designs with intermediate-to-advanced models of unusual animals and related objects.

Do-it-yourself projects include:Adirondack animals and objects like the Canoe, Foxy Fox and Brown BearCephalopods such as the Octopus and Giant SquidArctic marine mammals including the Bull Walrus, Elephant Seal and NarwhalInsects like the Inchworm and ButterflyAnd many more!
Origami folders will find that the sculptures they create are customized to exhibit the subjects' personality and attitude. Szinger's attention to detail is the hallmark of his work. He's been folding paper for most of his life, starting with paper airplanes at a young age. He devoured origami books at his local library and soon began experimenting with his own designs. Ten years ago, Szinger came back to origami after a long hiatus and began attending conventions, where he met other dedicated folders and was inspired to create his own original models. From these encounters, he began folding origami pieces for personal enjoyment, and to share with other origami makers.

Author: John Szinger
Paperback: 128 pages