NG Explorer Series Microscope

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The National Geographic Explorer Series Microscope makes it easy for kids to explore the microscopic world, with a specially designed microscope and complete STEM lab kit! Kids can use the microscope to view a wide range of specimens and explore the prepared plant slides, which include onion epidermis, holly leaf, celery leaf, sunflower root, pine pollen, and dandelion seed. They can also create their own slides using the 6 blank plastic slides and covers in the kit.

Other fun activities include investigating the textures of a geode, pyrite, green fluorite, blue calcite, rose quartz, and chevron amethyst. They can also complete the science experiment activities in the fun and interactive lab guide.

The star of the show is the specially-designed microscope made just for kids. We studied what worked with other microscopes and what didn't, and developed one of the easiest microscopes for kids to use. The soft-touch eyepiece is gentle on skin and the large focus knobs are easy for little hands to turn. When focusing, the slide platform moves up and down to help keep the entire microscope more stable and to ensure the specimen remains in the perfect viewing position. The slide storage case integrates into the base of the microscope and a wide-footed base helps keep the microscope firmly in place. Kids can choose from 40x, 100x, or 400x magnification by moving the adjustment lever, and they can switch between an upper light and lower light with the flip of a switch on the back.

On top of that, this complete science kit includes all the tools kids need to explore like real scientists, including a pipette, specimen dish, tweezers, a pencil, a lab guide, and instructions!

Ages 8 and up

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