Natural Histories: Extraordinary Birds

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The beauty of ornithology revealed. One of the hidden gems of the American Museum of Natural History is an extensive Research Library that contains many unique masterworks of scientific illustration. This monograph highlights forty of the Museum's rare book editions regarding a variety of beautiful birds. Discover how these books, complete with beguiling illustrations, have played integral roles throughout the history of ornithology. After Peter Capainolo's fascinating overview, Paul Sweet takes you on a journey throughout the centuries and examines some of the pioneering naturalists, illustrators, and explorers who not only defined the discipline of ornithology, but also left a stunning body of art. These works represent some of the extraordinary treasures within the Museum's Rare Book Collection.

Included in this elegant box set:

  • Extraordinary Birds, a monograph containing a history of ornithology followed by essays about forty books that not only define the discipline but also feature masterworks of a variety of birds.
  • Forty read-to-frame prints of reproduced artwork featured in each essay.

Author: Paul Sweet with a contribution by Peter Capainolo
Softcover: 134 pages
Publisher: Sterling Signature 2013

About the Author:
Paul Sweet is the Collections Manager of the Ornithology Department in the Division of Vertebrate Zoology at the American Museum of Natural History.

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