Native American Designed Eagle Sunrise Basketball

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The Sunrise basketball is a limited, single production edition, meaning once these Sunrise basketballs are sold they will not be available again!
Basketball designed by Crystal Worl. Men's regulation size 7 (29.5" circumference). Indoor and outdoor basketball.

Trickster Company seeks ways to design Native culture and art into everyday objects. For many youth, especially Native youth, basketball is a popular sport. For every Sunrise basketball purchased, $5 in cash value will go towards supporting youth basketball!  This sponsorship is brought to you by both Baden Sports, Inc. and Trickster Company.

Either practice alone or play with family, we want to encourage activity during these socially distant times! Trickster Company has been a longtime supporter of youth basketball by the donation of Trickster basketballs, sponsorship, cash, and volunteerism.

Please note: Basketball will be shipped deflated. Standard air pump will be needed to inflate the ball.

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