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B344 (2010 Myrtaceae-Feeding Phylinae (Hemiptera: Miridae) from Australia

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B344 (2010) Three new genera and 25 new species of Myrtaceae-feeding Phylinae are described from Australia. A cladistic analysis of a broader cross section of Australian Phylinae indicates that these taxa all belong to a monophyletic group, on the basis of pretarsal and male genitalic structures. Line drawings are used to present information of male and female genitalic structures; scanning electron micrographs illustrate pretarsal, genitalic, and other morphology. Color digital habitus images are presented for the males and females of all species. Digital images from the field and of pressed specimens are presented for a broad cross section of host plants. The newly described taxa represent a portion of the species of Australian Phylinae known to feed on the Myrtaceae; the remaining Myrtaceae-feeding species belong to other lineages and are therefore excluded from this monograph. Twenty-three of the species are recorded only from southwestern Western Australia; two species are recorded from southeastern South Australia. All species breed on members of the subfamily Myrtoideae, tribes Chamelaucieae and Melaleuceae. By Randall T Schuh and Christiane Weirauch

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