Mini Green Jelly Paperweight

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Bring the mysteries of the deep to your tabletop. This Jellyfish Paperweight is a beautiful way to organize and decorate! These handmade glass jellyfish paperweights glow in the dark, mimicking the beautiful phenomenon of underwater bioluminescence. Glass artists fuse hot glass with phosphorescent powders that allows the jellies to glow a blue/green blush in the dark after it has been exposed to light. The duration and intensity of the glow varies, depending on the source of light and the concentration of powders in each piece.

Artists use glass to capture the beauty of nature, while protecting it as well. Each piece is made with recycled glass and sustainable practices. Available in multiple sizes and colors, these glowing jellyfish can be a great addition to a variety of decors and spaces. As with all handmade art glass, each piece is unique, and therefore the size, color and shape of each item might vary.


Apparel Size 18 - 26

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