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Margaret Mead: A Life

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Margaret Mead: A Life. At the age of 23, in the 1920s, Margaret Mead traveled alone to the South Sea and wrote of adolescent sexuality and guilt-free love in her now-classic Coming of Age in Samoa. For the next half-century, Mead would act as a powerful voice in culture and religion, education and child-rearing, sex and freedom, world hunger, war, and the politics of peace.

An inveterate world traveler, a teacher at Columbia University, and curator of the American Museum of Natural History, Mead wrote twenty-four books, made ten films, and was granted twenty-eight honorary degrees and numerous awards. This intimate and fascinating story is an astonishing record of the personal and scientific life of an extraordinary human being.

Author: Jane Howard
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Publishing Date: December 16, 1989
Softcover: 532 pages