Little Kid, Big City!: New York

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If you could have an adventure in New York City, where would you go?  Would you walk the Brooklyn Bridge for a huge slice of pizza, see the dazzling lights in Times Square, or visit the whale at the Museum of Natural History? With  Little Kid, Big City!: New York  you can create your own itinerary by choosing where to go next at the end of every page! Whether you're an armchair traveler or a real-life tourist, here are dozens of ways to explore iconic sights, venture to nearby locales, and wander off the beaten path.  

In this first book in the Little Kid, Big City series-in which travel guides collide with an interactive format-kids are empowered to imagine, create, and explore their own routes through the world's greatest cities. Featuring whimsical illustrations, lovable characters, an invaluable resources section, and a foldout map, Little Kid, Big City has everything you need to invent your own adventure!  

Author: Beth Beckman
Illustrator: Holley Maher
Publisher: Quirk Books
Publishing Date: Feb, 2021
Hardcover: 88 pages
Age: 8 to 12


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