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Ladies AMNH Dept of Astrophysics T-Shirt

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Ladies AMNH Dept of Astrophysics T-Shirt in a soft grey blend. Relaxed fit. Available in sizes small to 2X. American Museum of Natural History exclusive.

How did it begin? How did galaxies, stars, and planets form? How are the building blocks of life born within stars? In the Hayden Planetarium's Hall of the Universe you'll find these answers and more. The Hall includes a Black Hole Theater, where visualizations convey the crush of gravity and the warping of time and space; a 3-foot disk of fluid that illustrates convection inside the Sun; projections of supernova explosions and the seething surface of the Sun; exhibits that explore asteroid and comet impacts; and the AstroBulletin, which showcases up-to-date images and news from the cosmos on a 13.5-foot-long high-definition screen.