Kaleidoscope of Creatures

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Why are animals so amazingly colorful?

Find out in this kaleidoscopic look at the technicolor world of animals.  Meet animals of every color of the rainbow  and  find out why they are the colors and patterns they are. Discover the reason why some animals are stripy and others are spotty.
  • Why do some creatures deliberately pop out while others strive to blend in?
  • Why are some bright to warn off others while some only pretend to look toxic?
  • Why are some male animals so much more flamboyant than their female counterparts?
  • Why do some babies look so different from the grown-ups in their families?
The animal kingdom is explored like never before  in this richly detailed natural history book, bursting with life and color.

This is a beautifully illustrated first look at the colorful and kaleidoscopic world of animals for young children.
Author: Cath Ard
Illustrator: Greer Stothers
Publisher: Wide Eyed Editions
Publishing Date: February, 2021
Hardcover: 64 pages
Age: 5 to 8

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