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Jumbo 27 Inch Plush Sloth

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This jumbo plush Sloth is in a hurry for once. It needs a new friend, pronto! Measuring 27 inches tall, this big soft and floppy Sloth has fuzzy plush fur. It's cuddly soft plush and beautiful coloring give it a distinctive and playfully realistic appearance. Posed in a sitting position, you can bet that this sloth is a top notch cuddle buddy. It's big and bulky body makes a great place to rest your head after a long day of fun. It's bean weighted to give it some extra bulk and is durably constructed to enhance its ability to be hugged and loved and squeezed over and over again. Ages 3 and up.

Sloths spend most of their lives in trees, attaching themselves to branches with hooklike claws so securely that they can sleep while suspended. Sleep fills up to 20 hours of a sloth’s day. And when they do wake up, they typically move less than 300 feet before taking another nap.