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Hansa Plush 26 Inch Life-Like T-Rex

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Hansa Plush 26 Inch Life-Like T.Rex. This wonderfully "life-like" T.rex dinosaur was made with an emphasis on quality. You can really see it in the attention to detail and feel the quality of the fabric. Each animal is hand-sewn, finished and air-brushed so there will be slight variations in their appearance. Recommended for ages 3 and up.

Around 65 million years ago, about half of Earth's plant and animal species became extinct. Among these animals were all the non-avian (non-flying) dinosaurs, including T.rex, as well as the dome-headed, armored, and duck-billed dinosaurs. What happened? We know that a comet or asteroid hit Earth around that time, and its effects were deadly for life on land and in the ocean. Massive volcanoes erupted and changed sea levels which may also have been to blame. Of all the dinosaur groups, only birds survived.