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Girls Smart Cookie T-Shirt

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The words Smart Cookie, using atoms and a test tube as part of the lettering, is the perfect t-shirt for your future scientific genius. Pink lettering on a turquoise blue background. Museum logo. 100% cotton. Machine washable. Available in sizes XS to XL. 

"Every part of your brain is important. Every part of your brain has a function. And every part of your brain is connected to other parts of your brain. Those connections are very important for the proper functioning of your brain and for your survival.

However, if you want to ask what part of your brain is the most important for being human, then that might be your prefrontal cortex, that area of your brain that's just behind your forehead. If you wanted to ask what part of the brain is important for me when I get afraid and want to run away, then that part of your brain is your limbic system, which is much deeper into your brain. So the answer of the question depends on what you mean by important." Scientist and Genetecist Rob DeSalle