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Giant Plush Heart With Mini Cells

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Anatomy fans will have their heart set on having this quirky-cute plush! An entertaining way to show students how microbes and cells look (at a million times their actual size), collectible GIANTmicrobes plush toys make a BIG and lasting impression--with any special person, place, or special occasion. This Extra-Large Heart (Cardiomyocyte) plush includes pouches that hold a Platelet, Plasma, Red Blood Cell, and White Blood Cell Minis (which are all included). Attached education tag card also includes: a close-up magnified image of what the heart truly looks like, easy-to-digest information, and fun memorable facts (such as the heart pumping 1-1/2 million barrels of blood in an average lifetime. . .or enough to fill 200 train tank cares and more than 3 super tankers!)