Gems & Crystals From One of the World's Great Collections

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This sumptuously redesigned, twenty-fifth anniversary edition of the classic Gems & Crystals from the American Museum of Natural History features the properties, origins, history, and lore of nearly 150 gems and crystals. The spectacular accompanying photographs showcase specimens, jewelry, and other objects from one of the world's greatest gem and crystal collections.

Author: George E. Harlow - Curator of Gems and Minerals, American Museum of Natural History and Anna S. Sofianides.
Photography by: Erica and Harold Van Pelt.
Hardback: 215 pages.
Publisher: Sterling Signature New York October 20, 2015.

About the authors:
George E. Harlow PhD, Curator, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at the American Museum of Natural History, is an eminent mineralogist and crystallographer. While interested in a broad range of geologic topics, he specializes in the study of rock-forming minerals, and has recently carried out research on the jadeite variety of jade, examining the source in Guatemala and the provenance of jade for New-World jade artifacts.

Anna S. Sofianides has a master's degree in geo-chemistry and geology and is an alumna of the Gemological Institute of America. Now retired, she worked for 23 years in the Department of Mineral Sciences at the American Museum of Natural History. A tireless researcher, Ms. Sofianides has been collecting data on gemstones and the Museum's collection since 1974.

Eria and Harold Van Pelt are recognized among the top photographers of gems and gemstones in the world. Their work has appeared in Lapidary Journal, Gems and Gemology, Rock and Gem, and Mineralogical Record.


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