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Frogs and toads fascinate us for many reasons. Frogs sport a dazzling array of colors and markings, some for camouflage, others to warn away predators. Adults also vary a good deal in size, from a tiny Brazilian frog (under one-half inch) to the West African goliath frog (almost sixteen inches), and they exhibit similar diversity in body shape, from the slender tree frogs to the stout-bodied roads and buxom burrowing frogs.

Frogs showcases over fifty of the world's most fascinating frogs. While some of the frogs and toads included in this book will be recognized by readers, others will certainly be new. This is understandable, since there are over 3,950 species worldwide. Frog families such as tree frogs, toads, poison frogs, horned frogs, and bullfrogs, are shown with photographs to distinguish the different species.

Author: David Badger
Hardcover: 144 pages
Publisher: Crestline 05-2011


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