Fins: A Sharks Inc. Novel

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The world €™s shark population is in trouble for a sad, simple reason: shark fin soup. And although it €™s illegal, poachers have been targeting Florida €™s biannual migration of blacktip sharks.

Marine biologist Doc Ford needs some assistance protecting the sharks and enlists the help of three kids ۥLuke, Maribel and Sabina. Luke is brand-new to Florida from the Midwest; sisters Maribel and Sabina have only recently arrived from Cuba ۥand all three feel like fish out of water. It ۪s going to take some convincing for them to work as a team and to recognize in themselves the courage, wisdom and tenacity that Doc sees in them.

Together they form Sharks, Inc. and are given an important assignment: to set out each day on their small fishing boat in hopes of tagging sharks for Doc ۪s research ۥand to stay away ۥfar away ۥfrom any possible poachers in the area.

The trio certainly isn €™t looking for trouble, but when they come face to face with danger, survival requires them to rely on each of their own unique gifts, and especially on one another.

Author: Randy Wayne White
Publisher: Square Fish
Publishing Date: May, 2021
Paperback: 336 pages
Ages: 8 to 12


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