E Team X Shark Research Play Set

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It is common for divers to hop into a cage to view sharks. People will use these cages in order to study sharks, gain video footage, and certain places around the world allow tourists to have this once in a lifetime experience. Obviously, these cages are used for protection, as sharks can be aggressive at times with their 300 sharp teeth and their incredible sense for the smell of blood. Create  intriguing conversations about the wonders of sea life through imaginative play with this four-piece E-Team shark set. These action figure toys are ideal to play with during a bath, in your playroom, or outside during a sunny day.  

  • Includes: Dive Boat, Diver, Shark Diving  Cage, Great White Shark
  • Highly detailed animals, vehicles and action figures
  • The packaging include wild life fun facts
  • Learn how to protect your environment

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