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Crystal Jewelry Lab Kit

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Survey minerals like a real geologist! The kit includes all the science supplies needed, along with crystal clear, step-by-step instructions for dazzling gems worthy to be worn.

  • TOYS THAT TEACH: MindWare Crystal Jewelry lab makes learning science basics fun, easy and safe. Mix saturated solutions that grow into colorful crystals and practice observation and the scientific method.
  • RADICAL ROCKS: Learn the chemistry behind crystallization and examine crystal structures as you make your own crystal bling! Create two different crystal pendants and a giant geode ring.
  • COOL SCIENCE: MindWare Curious Science labs explore the natural world with hands-on experiment kits! From coding robots to making squishy balls and slime, each kit delves into a different STEM area.
  • GUIDE BOOK: The colorful, detailed guide booklet includes step-by-step instructions and safety information, plus bonus activities!
  • INCLUDES: All ingredients and supplies needed for your Crystal Jewelry Lab science experiments! All ingredients are safe and non-toxic. (Ages 8 and up)