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Little Gray Eco-Friendly Ankylosaurus

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From a quick glance, it’s easy to associate the Ankylosaurus with a bus or army tank. Its extremely tough exterior is such a unique sight. Their bones seemed to have formed with the skin, giving them features much like the crocodile. Most likely weighing in at around 4 tons, this amazing creature was said to have roamed the Western U.S. and Alberta, Canada.

Along with the rough and tough exterior that looks like fused armor, the Ankylosaurus’ tail has a distinct tip used for protection. This creature was a simple herbivore who was always ready to explore the world for delicious plant-based snacks. It’s the perfect birthday gift for dino-loving kids and even older adults with a sense of humor. 

This dinosaur is safe for most ages and has eco-friendly features such as filling made from recycled plastic bottles. Surface washable. measures about 10 inches long.