Beekeeping: A Handbook

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This multifaceted book offers insight into everything bee-related: pollination, gardening, beekeeping and recipes. Whether you’re a first-time beekeeper or looking to improve and expand your backyard beekeeping, this book is a must-have. 

Beekeeping might seem exotic or old-fashioned, but around the world it is becoming more and more common to find a hive or two in urban spaces and suburban backyards. Some modern beekeepers are inspired by the desire to help out the frequently beleaguered creatures, others simply enjoy fresh honey from the most local of sources—the backyard garden. This book discusses your options for setting up a hive almost anywhere, how to plant a bee-friendly garden, and how to harvest and use your very own honey. Not only is it a great hobby, you’ll also be rewarded with a plentiful supply of honey that you can use in tea as well as for cooking, baking and perhaps even lip salve and skin cream.

The honeybee is one of our greatest natural resources; bees work hard to pollinate our gardens and do an important job that we couldn't do without. They are also the only insect that provides us with food. But bees are finding it increasingly difficult in the world that they share with us. States are reporting a hive of activity in the 'backyards' of rural and urban beekeepers. In fact, many states are beginning to alter preexisting ordinances in order to encourage more individuals to start beekeeping.

This book contains everything the modern day beekeeper needs and more:

  • Becoming a beekeeper
  • Setting up your hive
  • Getting the right gear
  • Planting a bee-friendly garden
  • Trouble-shoot your hive
  • Harvest the honey
  • Plan for the winter

Author: Joachim Petterson
Publisher: Weldon Owen
Publishing Date: Oct, 2016
Hardcover: 192 pages


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