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Bee's Wrap Reusable Food Storage Wrap - 3 pack

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Bee's Wrap food storage wrap is a natural, environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic food wrap. Wrap cheese, half a lemon, cabbage, bread, or cover a bowl. Seal with the warmth of your hands. Washable and reusable. Made of beeswax, organic cloth, tree resin and organic jojoba oil. Three sizes of wrap in an ocean life pattern.

Small, 7 x 8", wrap half of a lemon, the end of a cut cucumber, half an onion, half an avocado, a small bowl or snack items like carrot or celery sticks.

Medium, 10 x 11", cover a bowl, half a sandwich, baked good, cheese, half a cabbage or a canteloupe.

Large, 13 x 14", cover a large bowl, pie dish, sandwich, celery stalks, half a watermelon.

This company donates 1% of sales from the ocean print food wraps to projects supporting ocean conservancy and water stewardship.