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Beaker Creatures Magnification Chamber


The Beaker Creatures are here! Mysterious creatures from distant planets have landed on Earth! Dissolve their Reactor Pods and see which creatures you'll discover! Ages 5 and up.

  • DISCOVER: Take a closer look at the worlds of science and collectible toys with the Beaker Creatures Magnification Chamber playset with two mystery creatures!
  • COLLECT: Dissolve your Reactor Pods to discover the mysterious Beaker Creatures within! Collect all 35, including 5 limited-edition 24-Carat Creatures!
  • MAGNIFY: The multi-part chamber's movable magnifier lets you take a closer look at every horn, tentacle, and antenna
  • LEARN: Explore real-world science through the set's hands-on experiments and fact-filled mini-posters
  • 10-PIECE SET: Includes 3-piece Magnification Chamber, 2 Reactor Pods with mystery Beaker Creatures, 2 classification cards, 2 mini-posters, and experiment guide