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AMNH Akeley Hall of African Mammals Hand-painted Glass Ornament

$17.64 Member Price

This elegant glass ornament featuring the elephant exhibit in the Akeley Hall of African Mammals was created with a technique called reverse-painting on glass. A skilled artist using special tools created this beautifully detailed keepsake that is exclusively ours. It is presented in a gift box featuring the Museum logo. A card detailing how it was created is also included. This is sure to please any Museum lover on your gift list.

The Akeley Hall of African Mammals is famous for its incredibly life-like dioramas of African mammals in their natural habitat. It was named after Carl Akeley, a legendary naturalist who worked at the Museum for many years and is known as the father of modern taxidermy. He collected many of the animals found in this hall and was the first to display groups of them in natural settings.