American Museum of Natural History Opulent Oceans

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Without our oceans, which cover almost 72 percent of our planet, Earth simply could not exist-or humanity survive. Join author Melanie Stiassny from the American Museum of Natural History on an epic, oceanic journey. These fascinating essays, taken from the museum's Rare Book Collections, expand on the science behind the early histories that shaped the study of oceanography. They take close-up looks at coral, jellyfish, sea worms, whales, sharks, squid, and more, and provide accounts from legendary explorers and early naturalists.  
The Natural Histories series introduces today's readers to lost, fully illustrated scientific tomes from the American Museum of Natural History Library's Rare Book Collections. The museum's top experts provide interesting facts and commentary that enrich the original material and appeal to nature, science, and art lovers.
Author: Melanie L. J. Stiassny, PhD
Publisher: Sterling
Publishing Date: October, 2014
Softcover: 164 pages

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