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Adult Tyrannosaur The Ultimate Predator T-Shirt

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Tyrannosaur: The Ultimate Predator t-shirt was made exclusively for the American Museum of Natural History's groundbreaking new exhibition T.rex: The Ultimate Predator. It's a lightweight cotton blend with a fantastic graphic design featuring a large blue T.rex silhouette and white lettering. Machine washable. Available in adult sizes SM to 2X.

All tyrannosaurs were built to kill, but the biggest and baddest of them all was Tyrannosaurus rex. Wtih its huge size, sharp claws and teeth that could bite through bone, it dominated the competition. 

Discover how paleontologists read fossils for hidden clues about how this mega-predator lived, how several tyrannosaurs shared an ecosystem, and why scientists think T.rex ate members of its own species at the Museum's new exhibition opening March 11, 2019.