Adult ''Game of Bones'' T-Shirt

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It's T. rex versus Triceratops. Who will win in this "Game of Bones" dinosaur t-shirt? Made of 100% cotton.

Did dinosaurs fight? Most vertebrates engage in combat either over territory, mates, or food. It’s not surprising that dinosaurs did too. Dr. Mark Norell, Curator of the Division of Paleontology at the American Museum of Natural History, mentioned one 65-million-year-old T.rex skeleton discovered in South Dakota that had telltale battle scars. One eye socket was nearly closed by abnormal healing of the surrounding bone. On another part of the skull was embedded the broken tip of a tooth from another tyrannosaurus. Around this tooth were characteristic marks of bone growth that occurs during healing, indicating that the T.rex survived the attack.

Color: Dark navy blue.


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