100 First Words For Little Geniuses

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Are you a theoretical physicist? An engineer? A  mathematician? Then of course your baby will be a genius too. But where to begin?  

Introducing  100 First Words for Little Geniuses,  a brainy primer for kids learning their first words! Forget  apple  and  dog.  Little geniuses are ready for  quark,  integral, and  thermodynamics. From math to physics to philosophy, these are the words every budding genius needs in his or her vocabulary (even at the age of 2). Packed with fun illustrations and 100 words every genius baby should know,  100 First Words for Little Geniuses  is the perfect board book for smart families everywhere.

Author: Tyler Jorden
Illustrator: Kyle Kershner
Publisher: Familius
Publishing Date: October, 2018
Board Book: 20 pages
Age: 1 to 8 years


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