Plush Cheetah

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Plush Cheetah

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This friendly plush Indy Plush™ Cheetah is a great companion for a cheetah lover. Did you know the word Cheetah comes from the Hindi word meaning “spotted one.” Being the fastest land mammal allows cheetahs to run 60 miles per hour and take up to 150 breaths a minute. He hunts with my eyes and his favorite food are herbivores. He's related to the cougar and is one of the few cats in the world with semi-retractable claws. Cheetah's are known for chirping and purring, but cannot roar. Sadly, there is too much competition for food, poaching, and habitat loss for cheetah's to live in Africa and there are less than 8,000 left.  

Indy Plush™ plush animals are stuffed with 100% recycled plastic bottles, using sustainable fabrics, and constructed in Los Angeles, Ca.

Size: 23"W x 15"T x 5"D
Made in USA.