Chrysocolla Oval Ring

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  • Chrysocolla Oval Ring

Chrysocolla Oval Ring

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The Chrysocolla Oval Ring is the perfect gift for the unique woman in your life.

About Chrysocolla:
Chrysocolla is a gemstone quality hydrous copper silicate, often forming with copper salts, iron and manganese oxides. Chrysocolla is known to form in oxidation zones of copper ore bodies and is actually considered a minor ore for the mineral copper. Although chrysocolla may be a 'lesser known' gemstone, it is still a very fascinating stone that is highly sought-after by many avid gem and mineral enthusiasts. Chrysocolla is especially prized for its attractive colors and unique multicolored patterns. The name 'chrysocolla' was derived from the Greek words 'chrysos' and 'kolla' which translate as 'gold' and 'glue'. It earned its name because it was often used as a gold soldering agent, but eventually, the term evolved into a generic name essentially referring to any green copper-bearing mineral.

Stone: 1.25"L x 0.5".  
Size: 8

One of a kind ring.